In keeping with EDU’s mission of helping institutions pursue excellence this year’s theme is "The Campus of Tomorrow: How to Re-think, Re-design, Re-form higher education."

The agenda this year will be to discuss strategies that help institutions take a fresh look at solving their most challenging problems in new and innovative ways. The topics that will be covered in detail include:
  • Faculty: Training and Assessment, Pedagogy, Recruitment, Retention and Re-training
  • Students : Admissions, Assessment, Personality Development and Placement
  • Technology: Infrastructure, Teaching and Learning, and Improving student experience
Top leaders will be invited to talk about some case studies which have used ingenious ways to Re-design higher education. Policy makers will share their plans and provisions to Re-form higher education. Experts from the industry and other bodies will share their insights on how to Re-think and Re-design higher education.

But the highlight this year will be the involvement of student representatives. We intend to set the tone for re-thinking higher education by opening a dialogue that focuses on the most important stakeholders in this eco-system.