Q1. When does The Retreat start?
Ans: October 9th morning. Request you to reach the venue in the morning.
Q2. When does The Retreat end?
Ans: October 11th.
Q3. When can I check in?
Ans: October 9th morning.
Q4. Are there any participation fee for The Retreat?
Ans: No, there is no fee to associated with the event
Q5. Do I pay for my accommodation?
Ans: No. It will arranged by us.
Q6. What about my travel?
Ans: You will have to pay for your travel tickets.
Q7. Who can participate?
Ans: VCs, Directors and Deans of universities or autonomous institutions
Q8. Can I know who else would be attending the Retreat?
Ans: Sure. Please click here to know the participants.
Q9. Who will be speaking at the Retreat?
Ans: Please click here to know the speakers.
Q10. Whom can I reach out to in case of any query?
Ans: You can reach out to Aparna Sati at aparna.sati@9dot9.in